Adoption Lawyers

Sánchez & Associates has lawyers who can represent you before the Family Ministry of Nicaragua, Family Courts of Nicaragua and any other Nicaraguan government institution ir order to resolve family matters.

Family Lawyers makes available important information for you:

Requirements for Adoption in Nicaragua

  • Certificate of the Birth

  • Certification of marriage

  • Certification of the favorable resolution extended by the Council of the Adoption and of the diligences that on the investigation of the case has realized

  • Simple inventory in the event that the adoptee (s) has assets.

  • Adopters over 24 years old and under 56 years old.

  • Economic solvency.

  • Psycho-social study to the adopters.

  • Criminal or police record of the adopters.

  • Medical or health studies of the adopters.

  • In case the applicants are foreigners, the documents must be duly legalized before the nearest Nicaraguan Consulate.

Adoption Process in Nicaragua:

  • It begins with the application that is submitted to the Delegation of the Ministry of the Family.

  • In case the applicants are foreigners, the management must be done before the National Council of Adoptions of the Ministry of the Family.

  • Once a favorable resolution is obtained, we proceed to request it before a Family Judge who will know and decide on the adoption.

When the process is finished and the final sentence that authorizes the adoption is obtained, the registration in the Registry of Civil Status of the Persons is proceeded

    • Unilateral divorce

    • Divorce by mutual consent

    • Alimony

    • Adoption

    • Paternity

    • Other Family Trials