Lawyers from Nicaragua

Sanchez & Associates is a team of lawyers from Nicaragua, which was founded in the year two thousand and six as a viable alternative that offers legal services in different branches of law.

Our team of Lawyers and Notaries Public from Nicaragua with vast experience in the performance offered security, confidentiality, discretion, loyalty, honesty in your work.

The experience and faithful compliance with the work entrusted to us are the main reasons which customers of different social sectors rely on us their legal conflicts.

We have members in almost every department of Nicaragua and hence we can do our job at the national level.

The services offered are mainly in the field of Civil Law, Criminal Law (Criminal), Labor Law, Business Law, Administrative Law and Family Law.

Today we played as Litigant Lawyers, Legal Advisors and Consultants. In addition perform work as Notaries Public of the Republic of Nicaragua.

When you contract our services or perform a query, you rely your  legal problem on  efficient, capable, honest, flexible and discreet attorneys.



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